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About Mission® Plus Hb

Fast, accurate hemoglobin results from a POCT portable meter

Designed for POC Testing

• Portable handheld

• Large, easy-to-read LCD

• Minimizes contamination

• Stores up to 1,000 results


• Precise results equivalent to laboratory analyzers

• Wide Hb measurement range of 5.6 – 23.5 g/dL

• Calculated Hct range of 13 – 75%

Quick & Convenient

• Results in < 15 seconds

• Auto-calibration

• Easy-to-handle test cartridges

3 Easy Steps: × 225-.png

1) Insert Test Cartridge × 225-.png

2) Apply 10 µL specimen with capillary tube × 225-.png

3) Read results

Product Specs

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Product Specs

Features Specifications
Methodology Reflectance  Photometry
Detection Principle Methemoglobin
Time to Results < 15 seconds
Memory 1,000 tests with date/time and ID number
Specimen  Volume 10 µL
Specimen Type Capillary and Venous whole blood
Hb Measurement Range 5.6-23.5 g/dL
Wavelengths 525 nm
PC Interface Mini USB Port
Calibration Automatic
Hb Within Run Precision CV ≤ 3%
Hb Total Precision CV ≤ 3%
Accuracy Venous Blood: Y=0.988X+0.060, R2=0.988;
Capillary Blood: Y=0.980X + 0.193, R2=0.988
Operating  Conditions 10 – 40 ºC (50 -104 ºF); ≤90% RH
Meter Storage Conditions (32-122 °F)(0-50 °C); ≤90% RH
Strip/Device  Storage Conditions (36-86 °F)(2-30 °C); ≤85% RH
Strip/Device  Shelf Life 2 years unopened  canister; 3 months opened canister
Power Source 4*AAA (1.5 V) or AC adapter (Mini USB, 5 V dc, 50 mA)
Battery Life 2,700 tests or 360 hours
Automatic  Shut Off 8 minutes
Meter Dimensions  (L X W X H) (5.4″x 3.11″x 1.02″) (137mm × 79 mm × 26 mm)
LCD Dimensions  (L X W) (1.97″x 1.97″) (50 mm × 50 mm)

Product Accessories

OptiLanceTM Push-Button Safety Lancets (25 gauge)

– Auto disabling safety feature prevents re-use and eliminates cross-contamination
– High-speed lance and double spring action minimizes pain
– Automatic controlled needle depth
– Pre-loaded for simple use and preparation–_200-x-200.png

Safety Lancet I

– Needles automatically retract to ensure patient safety
– For single use only
– Encased sterile needles eliminate accidental injuries and contamination

Optical Verifier

– Use optical verifiers to monitor meter performance

Control Solution

– 3 control solutions available: Level 0, Level 1, and Level 2
– Use control solution to confirm that the meter is working properly

Capillary Transfer Tubes

– 10 µL plastic capillary transfer tubes ensure a proper sample volume is collected

Adapter Kit

– Power Adapter allows user to power meter without batteries
– 4 different plugs available for use in different countries


Mission® Plus Hb Brochure

Product and order information for the Mission® Plus Hb.

Mission® Plus Hb User Manual

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Mission® Plus Hb Q&A

Answers to frequently asked questions about Mission® Plus Hb.

Data Transfer Sofware Installation/User Guide Download

Information on installing and running the Mission® Hb Hemoglobin Data Transfer Software.

Data Transfer Software Download

File download for Mission® Hb Hemoglobin Data Transfer Software.

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