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Learn more about the features and specifications that make the Mission® U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer the optimal choice for urinalysis testing.

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About Mission® U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer

The Mission® U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer is a great tool to use with the Mission Urinalysis Reagent Strips. Its large color touchscreen LCD makes it a pleasant operating experience for the user. The Mission® U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer unique lockout functions offer confidence in result accuracy and patient information privacy.


Easy to Operate

• Large color touchscreen LCD for simple menu navigation
• Work List and Help Menu available for specimen review and troubleshooting
• Powered by AC adaptor or 6 AA batteries for easy portability
• Up to 2,000 patient memory and 800 Operator ID storage
• Ability to select Time Logout between 1-99 with minutes or hour option

Accurate and Efficient

• Urine color and clarity can be manually entered for better reference, while urine color can also be detected automatically for better accuracy
• Advanced CMOS Image Sensor ensures accurate readings
• Can read strips with up to 14 parameters, including Microalbumin, Creatinine, and Calcium
• Option to edit test number sequence or skip then return to specific test numbers
• Ability to edit abnormal results

Convenient Data Transfer

• Immediate transmission of LIS data using LAN as well as Wi-Fi including Bluetooth and WLAN
• Enhanced security for Wireless Data Transfer with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption
• Ability to update software with SD card or USB flash drive

Unique Lockout Functions

Strip Lockout

• Pre-set option to prevent using strips of another brand, with a barcode reader or by manual entry

User Lockout

• Option to eliminate unapproved users with up to 800 operators Microalbumin, Creatinine, and Calcium
• Option to edit test number sequence or skip then return to specific test numbers
• Ability to edit abnormal results

QC Lockout

• Prevents testing without passing QC
• If QC tests fail, analyzer can switch to STAT mode and list “E“ at the end of each test number

Product Specifications

Features Specifications
Analyzer Type Semi-Automatic
Methodology Reflectance  Photometry
Detection CMOS Image Sensor
Throughput Single Test Option: 55 tests/ hour Continuous Test Option: 120 tests/ hour
Test Modes Quick Test Mode Full Test Mode and Customized Test Mode
Test Categories Routine, STAT, and QC
Lockout Functions Strip Lockout: Available Upon Request; User/QC Lockout: Included with option to turn ON/OFF
Memory Last 2,000 results
Strip Incubation Time 1 Minute
Wavelength 390 nm – 770 nm
Strips Available 1- 14 Parameters  f108  mm x  5 mml; see URS Parameters
Parameter Order Can select the order of parameters for display and print out
Total Combinations per Analyzer Over 15 combinations
Wireless  Security Protocol Automatic detection of WEP/WPA/ WPA2
Analyzer Ports RS232C Port for Barcode Reader or Data Transfer and External Printer USB Port for Keyboard or Data Transfer
Data Entry Capabilities Operator ID, Patient name/ ID – Manual Entry and Barcode Reader (Up to 20 characters)
Urine Color and Clarity, Strip Lot Number, and Expiration Date – Manual    Entry
Connection  Capabilities Internal Thermal Printer (included)
Bluetooth Adaptor (optional)
Optional  External  Printer (not included)
USB or RS232C  Data Transfer  Cable (optional)
 SD Card or USB flash drive for  Software Update (optional)
Keyboard  (not included)
RS232C  Barcode Reader (optional)
Major  Readable Barcodes Code 39
Code 93
Code 128
Codabar (NW-7)
EAN 13
EAN 128
French Pharmacode
Industrial 25
Interleave 25
Italy Pharmacode
Matrix 25
Screen Type Large color touch screen LCD (12 cm x 9 cm)
LIS Interface Formatted and compatible with ACON standard interface, HL-7 compliant, and other interfaces
Calibration Automatic
Available  Languages  on the Screen More than 10 languages available , including English
Analyzer Operating Conditions 0-40° ( 32-104 °F) 5%-85% RH
System Operating Conditions 15-30°C (59-86 °F); 20%-80% RH
Storage Conditions  -5-50 °C (23-122°F); 90% RH
Power Source 100-240 VAC, 45-65 Hz; 6 AA Alkaline Batteries
Line Leakage  Current 0.5 mA
Dimensions (L x W x  H) 26 cm x  15 cm x  18 cm (10″ x 6″ x 7″)
Display Dimensions  (L x W) 12cm x 9 cm (5″ x 4″)
Weight 1.7Kg (3.7 lbs.) without  batteries or power  supply

Product Accessories

Barcode Reader

Optional Bar-code Reader connects to the analyzer for faster input of information. It scans the canister code for quick canister code recognition to operate the analyzer as well as quick entry of Patient ID. Both canister code and Patient ID can be entered manually as well.

Printer Paper Rolls

Printer paper rolls is available in both Thermal paper and Sticker paper. Printing results may either be automatic or manual. Can print up to 3 copies per test results for convenient record management.

Data Transfer

Data Transfer Kit is used for data transfer to Personal Computer (PC) or Laboratory Information System (LIS). RS232 cable is required for connection to a personal computer and the analyzer in order to download data to PC or LIS.


Mission® U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer Product Brochure

A quick reference sheet for the Mission® U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer.

Mission® U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer Product Demo

Watch a step by step video on the use and maintenance of your Mission® U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer.

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