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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of HIV immunoassay testing does ACON offer?

ACON’s Foresight® HIV kits offer both third-generation testing, which measures antibody concentrations, and fourth-generation testing, which measures both antibody and antigen concentrations.

What is the principle of detection for the ToRCH IgM assays?

All of ACON’s ToRCH IgM assays are immunocapture EIA assays, which directly measure the IgM antibody concentrations and provide greater sensitivity than sandwich assays. [Top]

How many allergens can the Foresight® Allergen kit test at one time?

The Foresight® Allergen kit can test for a total of 30 allergens simultaneously. [Top]

Are the Foresight® pregnancy tests qualitative or quantitative?

ACON offers two hCG test options, including a quantitative hCG assay and a 15-minute Rapid hCG assay, which is qualitative/semi-quantitative. [Top]

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