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EIA Test Kits

Minimal Hands-on Time

About Foresight® Immunoassays

High Quality

• High sensitivity and specificity

• High reproducibility

• Consistent and reliable performance

Easy to Use

• Standardized, color-coded and numbered reagents

• Ready-to- use reagents


• All necessary reagents provided

• Breakaway 8-well strips / 96-microwell plate in re-sealable foil pouch

• Long shelf life

Foresight® Product Categories

ACON Laboratories offers a full-range of enzyme immunoassays (EIAs) for detecting infectious diseases and antibodies to allergens, as well as measuring levels of tumor markers and thyroid and fertility hormones.
Foresight® Infectious Disease

Foresight® Infectious Disease
Foresight® ToRCH

Foresight® ToRCH
Foresight® Allergens

Foresight® Allergen
Foresight® Thyroid

Foresight® Thyroid
Foresight® Fertility

Foresight® Fertility
Foresight® Tumor Markers

Foresight® Tumor Markers


Foresight® Immunoassay Brochure

Product overview for the Foresight® EIA test kits.

Foresight® Allergen Brochure

Product overview for the Foresight® EIA allergen test kit.

Foresight® Immunoassays FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Foresight® EIA test kits.

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