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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Mission Hb and the Mission Plus Hb?

One of the main differences is that Mission Plus Hb is available in two models. One can be used with test cartridges and the other can be used with test strips.  The Mission Hb can be used with test strips only. [Top]

What is the advantage of a test cartridge over a test strip?

The plastic housing of the test cartridge minimizes the chances of contamination inside the meter. [Top]

Does Mission Plus Hb provide Hematocrit results?

Yes, calculated Hct values are provided.  [Top]

What is the Hematocrit range for Mission Plus Hb?

The hematocrit range is 13 – 75%. [Top]

Is fasting required before testing?

No, fasting is not required. [Top]

How frequently should users run the control device?

It is recommended that the control device be used once a day, prior to testing patients.  [Top]

Is there any comparative study with the most common Hematology Automated Analyzers, such as Sysmex, Horiba ABX, Abbott, Mindray, etc?

Yes, a method comparison study was conducted between the Mission® Plus Hb and Sysmex. The data demonstrated a 92.2% agreement. [Top]

What happens if we dispense a blood drop directly from the finger?

If the patient blood sample is less than, or more than, 10 µL, the hemoglobin and hematocrit values provided by the meter may be inaccurate.  [Top]

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