HCV Quantitative PCR Test Kit (Real-time)

Product is Available for International Distribution Only – Not Available in the US

Promotor® PCR Test Kits

HCV Quantitative PCR Test Kit (Real-time)


This real-time PCR test kit is for quantitative determination of the hepatitis C virus in HCV-infected individuals. With a high sensitivity of 30 IU/mL, this test kit is an excellent choice for HCV infection diagnosis, treatment decision making and viral load monitoring during antiviral therapy.


Advantages and performance

High sensitivity: 30 IU/mL

High precision: CV ≤ 5%

Wide linear range: 50-1.0×10^8 IU/mL

Internal quality control: prevents false-negative results

Specificity: no cross-reactivity with HAV, HBV, HEV and HIV

Package: 32 tests/kit

Linearity (50-1.0×10^8 IU/mL)
High Sensitivity (30 IU/mL)

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