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On Call Pro

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On Call® Pro

Made specifically to address needs within the long-term care market

Optimal choice for healthcare professionals

510(k) cleared for multi-patient use, the On Call® Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring System is ideal for Long-Term Care due to its ease of use, user-friendly design, and large display with bold numbers. In addition, the time-saving meter features allow professionals to easily abide by their institution’s quality standards while providing the highest quality of care to patients.

Among the features that are included in the meter, the Daily Control Test Reminder feature was designed to help healthcare professionals in the long-term care market to abide by the quality standards upheld by their institution. When the feature is turned on, an alarm will go off if a control test has not been conducted in the past 24 hours. Additional features that improve the safety and usability of the system include a Ketone Test Alert and a Strip Ejector that reduces the risk of blood contamination.

Quick Facts

510(k) cleared for multi-patient use


Accuracy and reliability at an affordable price

Convenient Features

Strip Ejector prevents contact with contaminated test strips

Daily Control Test Reminder easily ensures adherence to quality measures

On Call Pro Meter Kit

On Call® Pro

Product Features


Fast and Reliable


  • Tiny 0.4 µL sample size
  • 4 seconds to result
  • Clinically proven accuracy
  • Audible fill detection reduces wasted strips

Premium Professional Features

    • Daily Control Test Reminder
    • Hypo and hyper alarms
    • Ketone test alert

    Easy to Use


    • User friendly design
    • Large display with bold numbers
    • Strip port faces the patient
    • Convenient test strip ejector reduces risk of contamination

    On Call® Pro

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Daily Control Test Reminder?

    The Daily Control Test Reminder is a feature developed specifically for the long-term care market. It acts as a QC Lockout to remind the blood glucose meter operator to conduct a control test every 24 hours. If a control test has not been performed in a 24-hour period, a Daily Control Test Reminder alarm will occur as a flashing “Ctl” symbol on-screen along with the clock symbol and the control test symbol.

    As a precautionary measure, please ensure that no patient blood sample is tested while the Daily Control Test Reminder is occurring. The results will be marked as a control.

    How do I turn on/off the Daily Control Test Reminder?

    Press and hold the right arrow button (►) to enter the Meter Setup. Scroll through the various options until you reach a screen that says “On” or “Off” and displays the “Ctl” symbol at the top of the screen, a clock symbol at the right of the screen, and the Control Solution symbol. Press the left arrow button (◄) to change between “On” or “Off” and then press the right button (►) to confirm your selection. Scroll through the remaining meter setup options. The Control Test Reminder will occur after 24 hours if no control test has been conducted.

    Can I use a lancing device and lancets when operating the On Call® Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring System?
    Only single-use auto disabling safety lancets should be used with the On Call ® Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring System. 
    What type of disinfection wipes can I use to disinfect the On Call® Pro meter?

    The On Call ® Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring system is currently validated for use with the DisCide Ultra Disinfecting Towelettes and the Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Disposable Wipes (PDI). Please see the On Call ® Pro User Manual for more information on proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures using these materials. Please do NOT use any product containing bleach on the blood glucose meter as it will void the product warranty and may cause damage to the meter.

    Is there any interference from Maltose or Icodextrin which may result in risk for patients undergoing Dialysis?

    The On Call ® Pro glucose monitoring system uses the glucose oxidase enzyme to detect glucose, therefore there is no interference from maltose or Icodextrin. The On Call ® Pro system is safe for use on patients undergoing dialysis but is not for use on critically ill patients.

    Is the On Call® Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring System designed for hospital use?

    The On Call ® Pro does not include the ability to scan patient ID barcodes so that records for multiple patients may be kept separate and distinct on the same meter. Additionally the On Call ® Pro is only validated for testing capillary whole blood from the fingertip, palm or forearm. It should not be used for testing venous, arterial or neonatal blood.

    Is the On Call® Pro suitable for self-testing?

    No, the On Call ® Pro is intended for professional use only. For available glucose monitoring systems which are intended for self-testing, please visit www.oncallmeters.com.

    Is data management software available for use with the On Call® Pro?

    The On Call ® Pro is intended for multi-patient testing and does not have the ability to scan a barcode to differentiate between each individual patient within a software platform. The On Call ® Pro was designed for use in a multi-patient setting where glucose readings are recorded immediately after conducting a blood glucose test. It was not designed for use with software.

    On Call® Pro

    Product Specifications

    EnzymeGlucose Oxidase
    Measurement Range20-600 mg/dL
    Result CalibrationPlasma-equivalent
    Minimum Sample Size0.4 µL
    Test Time4 seconds
    Battery Life1,000 tests
    MemoryUp to 300 records with date and time
    Automatic Shutoff2 minutes after last action or 5 sec after strip removal
    Meter Size85 x 40 x 16.4 mm
    Display Size35 mm x 32 mm
    Operating Temperature41-113˚F (5-45 ˚C)
    Operating Relative Humidity10-90% (non-condensing)
    Hematocrit Range25 – 60%

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