HealthyMe® Ovulation Test

Helps in predict your most fertile days

ACON Laboratories, Inc
Distinct Early Detection Pregnancy Test

The HealthyMe Ovulation test is FDA listed and available for distribution where FDA listing is recognized.

HealthyMe® Ovulation Test

Product Features

Excellent Performance


  • >99% Accuracy

  • Results in 5 minutes

  • Sensitivity: 25 mlU/mL

Predicts Most Fertile Days


  • Easy to read Results

  • Simple to follow directions

  • Pack of 5 tests for multiday testing


Retail Packaging


  • Designed for retailers’ needs
  • Comparable dimensions to market leaders 


HealthyMe® Ovulation Test

Product Specifications

Test FormatLateral Flow
DetectsLuteinizing Hormone (LH)
Sample Volume10 seconds in urine stream or collected urine cup
Accuracy>99% overall accuracy
Test Time5 minutes
Shelf Life24 Months
Store Temperature2 – 30 °C / 36 – 86 °F

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