CentriVet® URS

Animal Urinalysis Reagent Strips

Product is Available for Worldwide Distribution

CentriVet® URS

Guess who else may be diabetic?

Urinalysis screens for sugar and ketones

The CentriVet® Urine Reagent strips are part of a new family of products within the ACON portfolio of products. We are a recognized world leader in the manufacture of urine chemistry products, and we are bringing our expertise to our animal friends. The CentriVet® Urine Reagent strips are an essential screening tool, that will give veterinarians an insightful look into pet’s overall health.

A simple urine test may provide answers

A urine test may detect early signs of kidney disease

CentriVet® URS

Product Features


Fast and Accurate


  • Analytical performance comparable to market leader
  • 60 seconds to results for most parameters
  • Clinically proven accuracy

Multiple Packaging Options


  • Available in 50 and 100 strips per canister
  • 24 months shelf life in unopened canister
  • 90 days use life in opened canister

CentriVet® URS

Product Specifications

The CentriVet® Urine Reagent strips screen animal urine for 10 parameters including, Leukocytes and Nitrites for Urinary tract infections, Urobilinogen and Bilirubin for signs of Liver disease, Ketone and Glucose for Diabetes mellitus. These parameters allow veterinarians to do a quick, painless assessment of the overall animal’s health.

Test ParametersLEU, NIT, URO, PRO, pH, BLO, SG, KET, BIL, GLU
Storage Temperature2 – 30°C
Unopened Strip Shelf Life24 months from date of manufacture
Opened Strip Canister Use Life3 months

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