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28G28G Safety Lancets

It’s What’s Inside That Matters

Spring action bounce-back restraint ensures a single lance only.

High-speed lance and double spring action minimize perception of pain

Simple push button design with an auto disabling safety feature prevents re-use

Large tab for ease of use, ensures sterility.

Tri-beveled needle

Designed to Mimic a Syringe

Their care is in your hands

28G Needle 1.2mm Depth
Suggested use: 1-2 μl for thin or normal skin Blood Glucose testing


• Auto disabling safety feature prevents re-use and eliminates cross-contamination

• Safety indicator shows clearly if device has been used

• Needle is covered at all times before and after use


• High-speed lance and double spring action minimizes perception of pain

• Spring action bounce-back restraint prevents unwanted needle injuries

Ease of Use

• Ergonomically designed to mimic a syringe with a large tab for ease of use

• Simple push button design

• Automatic controlled needle depth

• Pre-loaded for simple use and preparation

About OptiLance

OptiLance push-button safety lancets are ergonomically designed to mimic a syringe and provide you with optimal safety and comfort while collecting a blood sample for testing. A simple one-click action activates the lancet and the use of the unique Gentle Grip provides the most comfortable blood sampling experience to the patient. The OptiLance safety lancets are manufactured in Sweden using state of the art technology. The precision molded needles and quality springs prevent any needle chatter ensuring optimum comfort for the patient.

OptiLance Safety Lancets are the ideal choice for comfort, safety and ease of use. The Gentle Grip with its unique cupping ridges is designed to divert attention from pain and help grip the skin for easier, steadier and more comfortable sampling.

OptiLance Gentle Grip

Product Specs

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Product Specifications

Available in Three Sizes:


Product Blood Volume/ Suggested Application Catalog No.
100ct 200ct
28G Needle,
1.2mm Depth
1-2 μl for thin or normal skin BG testing 761131 761132
25G Needle,
1.6mm Depth
1-2 μl for thick skin BG testing,
5-10 μl for normal skin POC testing
761129 761130
21G Needle,
2.0mm Depth
30-40 μl for POC testing 761127 761128


Instructions for Use

Three easy steps to use the OptiLance Safety Lancets

Product Brochure

Detailed information on the OptiLance Safety Lancets

Competitive Comparison Chart

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