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  • ACON Laboratories Announces US Launch of New On Call® Pro Blood Glucose Meter for Multi-Patient Use

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    July 27, 2016

    San Diego, CA, July 27, 2016ACON Laboratories, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer in medical diagnostics including diabetes care products, continues to develop accurate and solutions-oriented glucose meter systems for markets requiring a high standard of reliability. In July, the company will offer the latest addition to the On Call® line of diabetes care products available in the United States; a glucose meter system which is FDA-cleared and CLIA waived for multi-patient use. Ideal for use in Long Term Care, Post-Acute Care, Physician Offices, Correctional Healthcare, and Ambulatory Care markets, the On Call® Pro combines the accuracy and ease-of-use seen in other On Call® meters with valuable features designed to simplify and improve the process of multi-patient care. A Daily Control Test Reminder helps to ensure adherence to institutions’ quality control testing standards while features such as the strip ejector and patient-facing strip port reduce risk of contamination. The fast-wicking test strip allows the tiny blood sample (0.4µL) to be obtained quickly and easily with minimal discomfort to patients while advanced technology built directly in the strip ensures an accurate result. To reduce time spent on testing procedures and avoid any wasted strips, the On Call® Pro also provides re-dosing capability so that a second drop of blood can be applied to the same strip if not enough sample was provided on the first try. Required for use with single-use auto-disabling safety lancets only, the new OptiLance™ safety lancets also available from ACON Laboratories are recommended to be used alongside the On Call® Pro. ACON Laboratories seeks to continue in this direction by monitoring trends and developing products which are ideally suited for operation within long-term care, post-acute, and other multi-patient diabetes care markets.   About ACON Laboratories, Inc.  ACON Laboratories Inc. is a privately owned Diagnostics and Medical Device company, which was founded in 1996, with its headquarters located in San Diego, California. ACON Laboratories, Inc. produces a broad range of medical diagnostic and healthcare products that are sold in over 130 countries worldwide. The company continues to expand its product lines through extensive research and development, with the goal of helping improve the health and well-being of patients around the world. ACON ’s manufacturing facility is a US FDA registered manufacturer of rapid diagnostic and healthcare products. Contact: Emily Pendergast ACON Laboratories, Inc. (858) 875-8013

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