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About Promotor NES-32 Nucleic Acid Extraction System

The semi-automatic NES-32 system, developed based on sufficient clinical data, is an efficient and easy to operate nucleic acid extraction system with a throughput of 32 specimens. A variety of specimens such as blood, tissues, body fluids are able to be processed by NES-32 combining with types of magnetic beads extraction reagents.

NES-32 Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Three types of extraction kits provided

DNA Extraction Kit

RNA Extraction Kit

Whole Blood Extraction Kit


High efficiency

• Maximum 32 specimen processed at a time
• Get extracted product within 40 minutes
• Ready-to-use extraction plate provided


• High purity and good CV performance
• Low loss rate of magnetic beads


• Stable and quite working status
• UV sterilization
• Remote control by Ethernet
• Easy for maintenance


Nucleic acid lysed from cells or virus is absorbed by magnetic beads, which would then be transferred by magnetic rods from well to well. After the washing and elution steps, purified nucleic acid is obtained. During the whole process, disposable comb tips are employed to prevent magnetic rods from contamination.

Quick Operation Guide


Parameters Specifications
Processing Volume 20-1000μl
Throughput 1-32
CV ≤1.5%
Recovery rate of magnetic beads ≥98%
Heating temperature Lysis Temp (from RT to 120℃)
Heating temperature Elution Temp (from RT to 120℃)
Sterilization UV lamp
Dimension 437×512×470 mm (W×D×H)
Processing time 12-40 minutes
Sensitivity of 100 copies/mL ≥98%
Connectivity Port USB/LAN
Power source AC 85-264V. 50Hz/60Hz, 600VA

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